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KatieCasts from Katie MacAlister

Sep 13, 2007

Pick Katie's Brain KatieCast #1

Please note that there may be spoilers in the podcast. The following questions are discussed:

First set of questions from smupright

Question #1: Can Jim only take animal form or could he ever be in human form?
Question #2: Has Aisling always had power inside of her or did it just come about with the 1st book?
Question #3: Are all of the dragons inherently good or evil, or does it just depend on the sept?

The second set of three questions comes from Catherine

Question #1: Will there ever be a heroin over the age of 35?
Question #2: Will you ever use ethnic vamps and women?
Question #3: Will you ever do a series about the supernatural from another planet?

The third set of three questions comes from K. Campbell

Question #1: You mentioned that there were classes of dragons, Drakes
grandmother for example was a reeve....what other classes are there a gold perhaps?
Question #2: Since it came out that Drake is a black dragon I have a two parter for that subject...Is it common for a dragon of another color to be
wyvern? And, could he temporarily take over the Silver sept (if
compensated well enough) and break the curse? Or does he not count
because he is wyvern for the green dragons?
Question #3: Drake has a place in the Caymans...I did not think it was a big stretch for this, but are the green dragons behind the Bank of the

A transcript of the podcast (including answers to the questions) can be found on Katie's blog.